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announcements:from the river to the sea, palestine will be free . happy side order release !

hello! welcome to my stupid little site :) here you'll find my hoards of links and resources, ramblings about my interest, etc. im a stupid autistic girlboy who only knows how to talk about my interests, and this is my escape from social media and its weird shit. i also generally have a lot of opinions i feel weird stating on my fandom twitter account centered around stupid squids and hockey. twitter 'leftists' tend to have an awful view on what constitutes as activism and are more concerned with policing the lives of their own allies rather than those of the oppressor and enemy. tldr. website is just me rambling about shit, but i hope you find some sort of joy or comfort or whatever you were looking for coming here ^_^

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3.28.24 - misc changes to index, started working on smth new >:)

3.16.24 - new about page! + changes to mobile reponsiveness

3.12.24 - misc changes to index and about pages

3.11.24 - added site button, added site buttons to links tab, moved images to neocities from catbox

3.10.24 - finally added writing page, small for now

3.9.24 - forgot to log last 2 days, edits to basically every page + fun link hover thing

3.6.24 - added shrine navigation + bfie shrine

2.20.24 - homepage edited, added link page, new site button

2.19.24 - diary added, header changed, mobile responsiveness added

2.17.24 - about me page added

2.16.24 - homepage updated

2.14.24 - site made

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